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Publication description

Information theory and thermodynamics Part I, Information theory

Publication structure:
  • Ingarden, Roman Stanisław - prace wybrane
    • Theoretical remarks on crane and halpern's experimental evidence for the existence of the neutrino
    • Mikołaj Kopernik i zagadnienie obiektywności praw naukowych
    • Quantum phenomena in optical images
    • Information without probability
    • Information theory and variational principles in statistical theories
    • Information theory and thermodynamics of light Part 1, Foundations of information theory
    • Teoria informacji i termodynamika maserów
    • The density operator and information thermodynamics
    • Simplified axioms for information without probability
    • On a generalisation of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
    • An information-theoretical approach to the theory of lasers
    • An information-theoretical approach to the theory of lasers
    • Ogólna teoria lasera
    • On the Heisenberg uncertainty relations in the non-Hamiltonian quantum statistical mechanics
    • Nicholas Copernicus and his traditions in Toruń and in Poland
    • Przegląd najnowszych teorii laserów
    • Quantum information theory
    • Quantum information theory